Hi, My Name is ______

slimSome people dread the transition from college to adulthood, I’m not one of those people. I’m excited, arms wide open, saying “bring it on, life!” Since, I lived off-campus my senior year in college, I feel prepared to tackle all monetary aspects of adult life. Paying bills on time, living within a budget, and all that jazz, psshh I have that down pack. Now what I’m REALLY looking forward to is meeting new people. Yes, I’m that social person that loves walking up to new people, making a witty or flirtatious remark or maybe simply just asking a random question, then introducing myself. Very far from shy. That’s one of the reasons I liked working at the gym my final year of college. I met a lot of interesting people, from medical students and other grads, to professional young individuals. It really helped in developing my interpersonal and networking skills.

Note: the gym is actually a GREAT place to meet new people.

  1. You see people without all the make-up and facade, can’t get any more real than smelly and sweaty
  2. You know you have one thing in common already – working out!
  3. It’s so easy to start a conversation- “Hey sorry to disturb you but can you show me how to do…”
  4. You can compliment someone without feeling like a creep!

So my biggest challenge, as someone who is going to be living alone and working a 9-5, is definitely meeting new people. Besides the gym, I’m wondering what else are some good places. Clubs are ehhh (although I did meet one of my really good friends there- rare), I guess I just have to make an EXTRA effort and not be holed up in my apartment, watching Netflix all weekend. Ahhh this is definitely going to be an adventure.