Summer after graduation

Slacking = No bueno


So the past few days I’ve been in a rut. Basically loosing my steam with MCAT studying and being very distracted with little things. Maybe it’s the combination of trying to sort out apartment and moving details and just being nervous as a whole about this whole new chapter, but ahhhhh I need to get back on my grind!!! Like ASAP. I started taking MCAT practice exams and am very pleased with the progress I’m making so far. Was supposed to take a third exam yesterday but due to my slacking nature, didn’t want to throw away $35 when I felt like I hadn’t put enough work in. So I’m taking another one on Friday instead. Here’s what I got on my first two MCAT practice exams (ever!)

AAMC #3: 7/ 10/ 6—> 23

AAMC #4: 8/ 10/ 7—> 25

The scores were pretty much on par with what I expected. My weakest section from the beginning had been Biology and my strongest verbal. Still gunning for a 35 though. And if I can keep making improvements like these each exam, it’s definitely possible. Just gotta get past this rut and get into hyper study mode!

As far as post-bac, that’s another issue that has me stressing. Primarily because of a C minus I received in Chemistry 101 my sophomore year- it’s still haunting me!!! Argh! So the dilemma here is that since I’m working full time, I’m limited on the courses I can take. Since I didn’t do well in that class, I have to take it over. Unfortunately, the class is offered during the day, but at the same time, I need to take it over ASAP before applying in June. Grrrrr! I don’t have a solution for this yet and it’s really annoying me. Sigh. And that is why, ladies and gentleman, this journey is all about curve balls.

Moving on up!


Searching for an apartment is both an exciting and draining experience. Sifting through craigslist posts, browsing through websites, sending emails, making several phone calls, yes, it’s pretty much a time consuming experience. But when you finally find the “perfect” place, it’s like yes, VICTORY! And that’s exactly how I felt yesterday. After looking through 6 different apartments (mostly studios), feeling drained and tired, I found a huge one bedroom apartment (~900 ft!), super CHEAP, and just a mile from my new job. Literally wanted to do a happy dance once I walked into the place and saw it was EVERYTHING I could have ever hoped for in an apartment (well besides the carpet, I wanted hardwood floors, but it’s cool ^_^). Very excited about the place. I’ll be moving there in 2 weeks (3 wks to my MCAT!), so hopefully I’ll settle in smoothly with no major interruptions to my studying.

This is all so exciting!!


Hi, My Name is ______

slimSome people dread the transition from college to adulthood, I’m not one of those people. I’m excited, arms wide open, saying “bring it on, life!” Since, I lived off-campus my senior year in college, I feel prepared to tackle all monetary aspects of adult life. Paying bills on time, living within a budget, and all that jazz, psshh I have that down pack. Now what I’m REALLY looking forward to is meeting new people. Yes, I’m that social person that loves walking up to new people, making a witty or flirtatious remark or maybe simply just asking a random question, then introducing myself. Very far from shy. That’s one of the reasons I liked working at the gym my final year of college. I met a lot of interesting people, from medical students and other grads, to professional young individuals. It really helped in developing my interpersonal and networking skills.

Note: the gym is actually a GREAT place to meet new people.

  1. You see people without all the make-up and facade, can’t get any more real than smelly and sweaty
  2. You know you have one thing in common already – working out!
  3. It’s so easy to start a conversation- “Hey sorry to disturb you but can you show me how to do…”
  4. You can compliment someone without feeling like a creep!

So my biggest challenge, as someone who is going to be living alone and working a 9-5, is definitely meeting new people. Besides the gym, I’m wondering what else are some good places. Clubs are ehhh (although I did meet one of my really good friends there- rare), I guess I just have to make an EXTRA effort and not be holed up in my apartment, watching Netflix all weekend. Ahhh this is definitely going to be an adventure.

Fear vs Confidence

I just realized I’ve been doing this all wrong. My approach towards the MCAT has been ALL wrong. Let me explain. So most of the people I know have taken the exam twice, actually everyone I personally know, has taken the exam twice, except for two people. So my drive towards this whole period of studying has been my FEAR of taking the exam a second time. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I just read a friend’s blog on confidence and he pointed out the difference between fear and confidence, which really opened my eyes to my faulty approach. As someone else put it “Fear is the anticipation of a future failure” while “CONFIDENCE is the anticipation of future success.” So instead of being driven by fear, I should instead have a hunger, a deep insatiable hunger for success built on confidence. It should be “I AM going to get a 35, I know it, God said so” Boom! The End. Not “Please God, I don’t want to take this exam a second time, help me do well.” You see the difference there? Why am I worrying about taking it a second time, when my primary goal should be nailing the exam. My confidence should be off the roof! And that sort of confidence and positive thinking is what’s really going to help me retain the information and walk into my exam feeling like a BOSS.

So yep, new approach. Not afraid of this MCAT anymore, conquering the beast, starting RIGHT NOW. I know I’ll nail it. 6 weeks to go baby!

Walking on water…it’s possible!

So I am very big on walking by faith and not by sight. What does that mean? It means even though I can’t see something happening, or a situation is bleak, I trust God that HE will do it. I have so many personal examples of how God really HAS been faithful, and how walking by faith is really just the best way to live. But anyway, fast forward to my most recent example. I GOT THE JOB!!!! Yes, I have a full time position as a Clinical Research Coordinator at one of the top hospitals/medical schools in the country, say what?!?! Yep only God. I’ve been speaking my job offer into existence since Day 1. Not because I knew I had the job, but because I KNEW God was in control and He’s got my back. I had to do three separate interviews for the position and each one I walked in with Jeremiah 29:11 on my lips, said it several times before walking in, told myself, He’s in control, and His plan for you is AMAZING. I was so serious about having faith unwavering and believing that God has given me this job, that 1) I stopped applying to jobs after my first of three interviews for this position. 2) Started looking for apartments in the area 3) Registered for post bac classes.

Yea, those post bac classes I mentioned before are part time and were contingent on me getting hired because of the tuition benefits as a full time employee. Welp, now it’s REALLY confirmed!

This is seriously my dream job (before med school), so I’m sooooo hype right now! SO HYPE!  It felt like all the positions I had interviewed for these past couple of months (quite a bit!) all prepared me for this particular interview process, so I just knew in my heart this was IT. I absolutely love the research I’m going to be doing, had a great time speaking with the directors, I liked the other research coordinators, just great all around.

But besides this amazing news, I’ve been going hard with my MCAT studying and trying to stay positive and motivated. Funny enough, instagram has been a great source of encouragement. Just looking at the #MCAT, #Medschool, and #futureMD hashtags and mentions, gets me so pumped. Seeing other students in my shoes, all with the same goal reminds me I’m not alone….even though I’m alone in my room…all day…oh so lonely I might add 😦 But it’s great encouragement.

On that note, I should probably get back to the books. 6 weeks to go! Turn up!!!

On the books of course 😛

Conquering things…like a BOSS

“It will hurt. It will take time. It will require dedication. It will require willpower. You will need to make healthy decisions. It requires sacrifice. You will need to push your body to its max. There will be temptation. But I promise you, when you reach your goal, it’s WORTH IT” — random fitness quote

So I did it. I FINALLY did it! I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog of my journey to and through medical school as someone who plans on matriculating in two years and well, has an interesting path. I graduated in May 2013, loved my alma mater despite the academic rigor (read: “pounding”) I received. Great school, top 10 in the country and I am forever grateful for the plethora of opportunities I was showered with. But that academic beat down…(Pause: ok ok to be honest being a double major with a minor, was probably not the smartest decision but what can I say, I pursued my interest)…has now lead me into the postbac life with some GPA repair to do. So here I am in July, studying for the MCAT, waiting to receive a full time job offer, and starting a postbac program at my alma mater next month. Yes, that same University I just complained about. Let’s just say, the benefits of free tuition and no extra loans outweigh looking for an easier program. This time around it’ll be all focus and none of that gazillion extracurriculars I was involved in during undergrad. I’m really excited about this journey and the growth I’ll experience.

The first hurdle however is this MCAT grind. It feels more a mental battle than anything. Trying to stay encouraged, stay motivated, stay on focus, ahhhhh, the STRUGGLE! So yes, this blog will also be used as a vent box.

Cheers to new beginnings!